Rebekah's Sweetart Cakes  

Serving Wilmington Island and Guyton areas


Commonly Asked Questions

After years of experience, I have found that there are some questions that every customer has when they begin to look for a cake. Listed below are some of the most popular ones that we get.

Q. Do your cakes taste as good as they look?
A. You bet! My cakes are known for great taste. I always get thank you notes commenting on how my cakes are so delicious,moist & flavorful. 

Q. Which are your most popular flavors?
A. Butter Cake is #1. Chocolate is #2. Also very popular are our Lemon, Carrot, Apple Spice. My cakes are always made fresh with the very best ingredients. They are always moist and flavorful.

Q. Can I choose more than one flavor?
A. Yes.

Q. Why is your fondant better?
A.  It is soft and pliable when you cut it. There is never a bitter after-taste (as with other bakeries). I always ice the cake with buttercream before I cover it with a thin layer of fondant. That way you get the beauty of fondant, and the great taste of buttercream.

Q. Can you copy a picture from a magazine?
A. I do it all the time!! I love to see new ideas.

Q. Do the prices include the fresh flowers?
A. No. You need to order your flowers through your florist. You get the best price that way, and you are sure the flowers will match. I will provide any handmade sugar paste flowers, sugared fruit, etc. that you may choose.

Q. What size cake will I need?
A. That depends on how you will be using it. Will it be on display for most of the evening and cut toward the end? Will some of your guest have come and gone before you cut the cake? Usually a 3 tier cake will be enough to serve those who are there toward the end of the evening.

Is the cake serving as dessert after a sit down dinner? In this instance you need to be sure you have a nice sized slice for each guest, which usually requires a larger cake.. "Dessert slices" are larger than a "reception slice".

Other points to consider: How big of an impact do you want your cake to make? How large is the area where it will be displayed? Is the cake high on your priority list? Is the cake a grand centerpiece?

***Please note: Any cake you see can be made in either a larger or smaller version. Don't choose your cake style solely by the size you see in the picture.

Q. How soon do I need to order my cake?
A. We usually book 2-3 months before your wedding. It's best to order as early as you can.


*Just so there will be no misunderstandings, I am not , and don't claim to be a licensed retail cake decorator. I do cakes from my home as a hobby, and for family, friends
 and referrals there of.