Wedding cakes & Grooms cakes gallery Wedding cakes & Grooms cakes gallery Cassie and Michael Wedding 180124967 Beach themed Shell cake Stacked 3 tier with buttercream icing and thin layer of fondant over each. Shells are made of fondant and painted with petal dust. 88502813 Deutch Black & White 71485795 Ribbons and Roses 14'', 10" & 6" 71485802 Oeley-Thompson Wedding Beautiful Lemon cake with Pineapple filliing. Fondant cala lilies on top tier added greenery and pedals with fountain. 88502812 The Black Tie Affair 71485796 Teal Blue Waves The beach12", 8" & 6" Beautiful fondant cake with 3 large tiers and 2 smaller seperater tiers made of cake, also wrapped with buttercream icing and fondant.The shells and starfish on the cake are made of fondant. They can also be done with cwhite chocolate. 71485799 Teal Blue Waves Detail A closer look 71485807 Gold and Silver Wedding 71485794 A Garden Party Wedding 14", 10" & 6" Lovely 3 tier vanilla cake with buttercream icing and fondant covering and flowers. 71485800 Pretty in Pink 14", 10" & 6" 3 Tier square 71485805 Mason-Sims Wedding 71485797 Tree Sillouette 3 tier vanilla with buttercream and fondant. With background with black fondant and handpainted tree 124633991 White Wedding 71485801 Williams-Schiebling Wedding A beautiful detailed wedding cake with fountain. $500 71485806 Deutch wedding 71485798 Hamilton-Funk Main cake Muliple Tiered cake with fountain and sugarcraft flowers cascading on each teir. $850 71485809 Hamilton-Funk Wedding Side View 71485811 Sophisticated Splendor detail This is one of the 3 cascading cakes desplayed at the right of the main cake 71485808 Hamilton/Churchill Wedding What fun we had designing and decorating our youngest daughters wedding cake. Her older sister and her designed the smaller cakes together. Each with a different filling and icing. 158977163 Hamilton/Churchill wedding cake table 158977164 Sophisticated Love Ths square three tier White cake Buttercream icing wtih fondant over all tiers. Trimmed with balck satin ribbon. Roses and leaves made from gumpaste. 80430065 Sophisticated Love Closeup 80430066 Baumgardner-Stier Wedding view 85194224 Baumgardner-Stier Wedding Another view of the Charleston cake. Melissa was such a sweet Bride to send a picture of the two of them cutting into the cake. 88986816 Tybee Wedding Red Roses and Shells all made from gumpaste and the shells brushed with pearl dust. 80430062 Tybee Wedding Closeup 80430063 Pilcher-Formby Wedding Bryson Hall Elegant cake with sugar flowers all around. Beautiful! 125848509 Kellam-Parker Wedding This is a stacked three tier vanilla cake with buttercream icing. 88985881 Katie's Cake This cake I did for a cousin who had eloped and we gave them a surprise reception . A really qick cake. 82088989 Katie's cake closeup 82088988 Flowers-Silvester Wedding Beachside escape 3 tier vanilla cake with buttercream icing and fondant. Decorated with fondant and gumpaste shells 123959218 Peacock themed wedding Beautiful scrollwork on buttercream icing with rasberry filling. 151940048 Ashley and Jimmy's wedding 32012 What a fun cake this was. The beautiful backdrop of the trustees garden in Sav. Ga. was absolutley gorgeous. 151940049 Nobles-Leavitt Wedding This cake was a blend of buttercream icing and fondant. This is the cake I did for my cousin Tiffany. She and her cousin Elizabeth (my daughter) drew a scetch of what she invisioned and this was the result. What fun! 88986457 Kaczmarczyk Wedding Vanilla with bittercream and fondant Quilt design and ribbon 129014587 Hawaiian Themed Wedding 14",10" & 8" 3 Tier Wedding cake with hand made fondat Hibiscus and other tropical flowers. $200 71485804 Kaczmarczyk Wedding cake cutting 129014591 Morracean Nights 123102296 Tybee Island Splendar "The reception was beautiful and the cake was fabulous"- Bride 125848510 Blue Point Closeup 112665889 Blue Point 112665890 Stier wedding 123102298 Lewis/Hembrick Wedding Beautiful 3 tier buttercream with hand made roses and cala lilies.Fondant Gold beads around each tier. Wedding reception was held in the mansion on Forsyth. 158904042 Doll wedding 168130501 Wheelock Wedding 12", 8" & 6" 3 Tier with fondant over Buttercream and Red fondant flowers. $100 71485810 Ricks Wedding 155896862 Forever love 155912467 Rodgers Towbridge Wedding What a wonderful time we had making this cake for Lindi. The colors were perfect for the venue. Large square stacked with buttercream and fondat layer. 161297317 Light Green Shell Wedding Cake 3 tier. Fondant shells. 158975971 Savannah Elegance This was a cake we did for Jennifer a friend of my daughters at the Corps of Engineers 158036095 Pink Cala Lilies 155912466 50th Anniversary 125848511 Shelly and Seth cake 146597482 Red and White 112665891 Lace and Scroll 123102297 Fondant and Pearls 155896861 Stier wedding in Savannah 158446316 Forever Hearts 158036196 Fall Wedding 158446314 Williams Wedding Five tiered column cake. 88986053 Heart and roses 177927131 Lace and Roses 180124968 Vaden Wedding Savannah River Queen 168130500 Grooms cake Carrot cake with chocolate colored cream cheese icing. 158977165 Pink Shell Wedding 168130503 Savannah Wedding 168130502 Pearl Beauty small cake for the intimate reception at the Mansion on Forsyth 4-2013 177927132 The Hunt is Over wedding cake 177898514 168130506 Rainbow Wedding 168130505 Flower Cascade Pilcer Formby wedding in Bryson Hall 178711882 183352997 Red Roses Red Roses 176142617 194823603 194823604 183352998 184157592 Lace 194823832 Brown with crystal Brooch 194823830 194823829 Sea Side Splendor 168130504 Masked wedding closeup 194823833 Masked Wedding 194823834 194823831 Candyland 112665892 Roses and Ribbons 177898290 Cal State Fullerton Son in Laws Grooms cake 96018071 Camo grooms cake 96015610 Tux grooms cake 96018072 Golf Course grroms Cake 129014593 Ohio State Buck eye Chocolate cake with Buttercream and Fondant icing 125848802 Steelers Groom Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing Helmet made of rice krispy treats and Fondant 125848803 Ford Grooms cake 158977166 Golf course 158977167 Geometric shapes Groom 158977168 And We're off 173478586 Pipe fitters 176142616 UGA Cake 173478587 Miller Lite Can Grooms cake 178224787 183352999 184157589 184157590 194823827 194823828 203529029 203531366 203531367 203531368 203531369 203531370 203531371 Chef 203531372 203531373 Nautical 203531374 203531375 GONE fishing 203531376 203531377 203531378 203529074 205008325 204790104 204790134 204790135 204790136 204790137 204790139 204790140 204790157 204790143 204790144 204790160 204790161 204790166 204790167